Events and Programs


Market Day 2015 Feb

Market Day:  Wednesday, 20 February, 10am-2pm
Great Court
Come along to the CAHS stall on Market Day to become a member and meet our 2019 Exec team!


Welcome Pizza Lunch:  Tuesday, 5 March, 11am – 12pm
RD Milns Antiquities Museum
This is a great opportunity for new members to become involved in CAHS. Socialise with fellow CAHS members,  listen to the exciting new events we have coming this year and mingle with lecturers and tutors from the School of Classics and Ancient History. And if that wasn’t enticing enough, free pizza and soft drinks are also provided.
Check out the event on Facebook here!


Essay Writing Masterclass: Thursday, 14 March, 1-2.30pm
Venue TBA
Want to write that gold standard essay but not quite sure where to start? Never fear, CAHS have got you covered! This specialised workshop will cover all the basics of how to write a essay guaranteed to get you a 7 in your Ancient History course.

Image result for stab caesar gif

Ides of March Party: Friday, 15 March, 5-9pm
Venue TBA
Did somebody say Caesar Salad? The year’s Official Party to honour the life and legacy of the Roman Julius Caesar – celebrating his life, achievements and untimely demise on the Ides of March.

Related image

Reading the Iliad (Festival Européen Latin Grec)Friday, 22 March, 7-9pm
Great Court
A truly unique event – on March the 22nd at 10 A.M. (Paris time), Homer’s Iliad will be read aloud in public at the same time across the globe! Share in a few pages of antiquity with us, as our performers will present Book 18 of Homer’s epic, in English translation, just like the Homeristai of old.
Check out the official event page (in French) here, or view a map of all the institutions involved here!


Special Lecture Event: Tuesday, 2 April, 5-8pm
Venue TBA
Join us for a public lecture presented by one of UQ’s esteemed researchers – keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information about this event!


Trivia Night: Thursday, 11 April, 5-8pm
Venue TBA
Eat, drink, and test the limits of your Ancient History (and general!) knowledge at our annual don’t-miss CAHS Trivia Night – $10 entry to help support the Classics discipline.
Pizza, drinks, and prizes will be provided.


Student Seminar: Tuesday, 7 May, 5.30 – 7.30pm
Venue TBA
Come along to support your fellow students and listen to what they’ve been up to in their research this semester. The seminar theme and student line-up is still to be announced. If you are interested in presenting at a seminar please email us at


Movie Night: Thursday, 16 May, 6-9pm
Venue TBA
Defeat those pre-exam blues and give yourself a night off at the CAHS Movie Night! Come and put your feet up, have some snacks, and indulge in some pop-culture Ancient History.


The Winter Social: Friday, 24 May, 5-9pm
Location TBA
Come along and celebrate the end of Semester 1 at our Winter Social! Because it’s our 70th year, this event will be extra special… 😉
Keep an eye on our Facebook for more details!


Exam Preparation Masterclass: Thursday, 30 May, 1-2.30pm
Venue TBA
Not sure how to prep for that upcoming ANCH exam? This masterclass will give you a taste of what to expect in ANCH exams. Although we’ll be focussing on ANCH1240, students from any ANCH course are more than welcome!


Sunday Series Lectures:
The Friends of Antiquity hold the monthly ‘Sunday Series’ lectures throughout the year. More information can be found here.

Mentoring Programs:

CAHS offers a weekly workshop aimed specifically at helping students of Ancient History and/or Classical Languages. Please visit this page for more information.

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