Meet the Executive



The 2021 CAHS Executive Team is dedicated to creating exciting and engaging social and academic opportunities for students and enthusiasts of Classics and Ancient History at UQ.


President – Allie Schultz

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Allie is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Ancient History and Classical Languages. Not only is the classical world her field of study, it is her passion with which she fills many hours of the day, while she works towards a life-long career in the field. To this end, Allie embraces any opportunity to contribute to her studies through travel and volunteering in museums (her favourite places!), and in 2019, she participated in UQ’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum Internship & Field School. It remains the major highlight of her studies thus far. Allie’s particular study interests rest with the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean and Rome’s interaction with the diverse peoples of the Empire throughout the early Imperial Period. In addition, Allie is a strong advocate for the study of Classical Languages by Ancient History students, as by studying both Latin and Greek herself, she understands the essentiality of these languages in ancient world studies. As a past CLAMO Mentor, during her time as Vice President of Classical Languages in 2020, Allie has and continues to encourage and support all students in their studies of Latin, Greek, and Ancient History. Allie is both honoured and excited to lead the CAHS Executive Team in 2021.


Secretary – Charlotte Lethbridge

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Charlotte is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student studying an extended major in Ancient History with a minor in Classical Languages. Charlotte’s fascination with the ancient world began at an early age, but it was a trip to Italy in 2017 that inspired her to study Classics and Ancient History at UQ. Charlotte’s research interests, while diverse, lie primarily within the Late Republic and Early Principate of Rome. She enjoys studying the art and archaeology of these periods, as well as aspects of domestic life such as dining practices and household religion. Charlotte hopes to pursue a career in museum curatorship or collection management, having made positive contributions to local cultural organisations through volunteer roles with Queensland Museum, Brisbane Powerhouse, and Queensland Maritime Museum. Charlotte has been an active member of CAHS since 2018 and looks forward to continuing the society’s long tradition of encouraging the study of Classics and Ancient History through a range of academic and social events.


Treasurer – Chris Wood

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Chris is a fourth-year B Arts student studying an extended major in Ancient History and a minor in History. He is a fan of Roman history, especially the period between 200 BC – AD 200. Although he never studied ancient or modern history in school, he always had a passion for it. Following a year of studying another degree and a gap year, Chris realized his love for the ancient world and settled on UQ for study. Whilst unsure what the future holds in terms of work, he is always keen to learn. Alongside this, Chris is a musician, able to play a number of instruments, and has even traveled overseas with his choir to sing at festivals and other events. His passion for the ancient world, especially Rome and Caesar, is well known among his friends, and he is always happy to chat history or anything else that interests him.


Vice President (Classical Languages) – Isabella Zust-Sullivan

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Isabella is a fourth-year BA student, majoring in Ancient History and Archaeology, alongside completing a Diploma of Languages in Classical Languages. Following a very messy collection of subjects in her first semester, there was a certain pull towards the study of the ancient world that could no longer be ignored. Now, Isabella is currently interested in research topics involving the roles of religion, particularly during Late Antiquity and the Hellenistic era, as well as the influence and role of women. Although she has not yet decided what she is looking to do after completing her undergraduate degree, Isabella is trying to focus on volunteering, in both a museum and archaeological sense, and working towards producing a (hopefully) interesting thesis. She is always keen to talk about any of the aforementioned topics and is looking forward to supporting all those interested in pursuing classical languages in the coming year!


Vice President (Ancient History) – Paige Maunder

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Paige is a fourth-year Bachelor of Advanced Humanities student completing an extended major in Ancient History. In 2021, she will be working on her honours thesis, exploring Roman provincial material culture. She hopes to continue to work with physical collections in the future. Her volunteering experiences with the Queensland Museum and the RD Milns Antiquities Museum has been a great way to explore this interest while finishing her undergraduate degree. After finishing her honours, Paige hopes to complete postgraduate study that will hopefully allow her to work with Roman provincial collections overseas. She looks forward to supporting students as Vice-President of Ancient History throughout 2021, so please feel free to approach her about anything Ancient History (but especially Roman)!


Social Media Manager – Joshua Hawkins

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Joshua is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in both Ancient History and History. With an avid interest in the political and social history of the Roman Late Republic and Early Principate, he thoroughly enjoys studying the lives of elite Romans and the experiences of ancient women. Josh intends to continue his studies in history in pursuit of a career in museums and archival work, contributing to the preservation and public promotion of the historical record. Josh took strong interest in the study of ancient history following a high school history tour to popular historical sites in Italy, including Pompeii, the Roman Forum, and the Vatican Museum. Josh firmly believes that interpretation of ancient cultures is a fundamental basis to the understanding of modern societies. As a member of the Classics and Ancient History Society since 2018, Josh recognises the society’s essential role in supporting and encouraging classics students at UQ, and providing them with opportunities to excel in the historical field.