Meet the Executive



The 2023 CAHS Executive Team is dedicated to creating exciting and engaging social and academic opportunities for students and enthusiasts of Classics and Ancient History at UQ.


President – Sebastian Harris

IMG_8988 2Sebastian is a second-year BA student, studying Ancient History and Ancient Greek (previously archaeology), planning to complete a PhD. After watching Horrible Histories, reading Rick Riordan and playing Assassin’s Creed, he slowly came to love history. His interest was cemented when he travelled to Italy, Greece, and Israel with his family in 2018, and saw the ancient world. Sebastian’s interests lie in ancient numismatics (Archaic Greece to the Roman Republic), Greek politics during the Pentecontaetia and Peloponnesian Wars, classical archaeology, and museum curation, though he is happy to talk about anything! He has experience working at the QLD Museum on two projects (including a major one on the coin collection), so feel free to strike up a conversation!


Secretary – Zoë Brown

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 7.29.20 pm

Zoë is a third-year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Secondary Education student majoring in Ancient History/History and Psychology. Zoë’s favourite Ancient society is Ancient Greece and loves learning about ancient peoples, their culture and way of life. After uni, Zoë is hoping to study the effects that major historical events have on the way that Australians participate in religious communities. Zoë is participating in the 2023 Ancient Greece: Sights and Museums Study Tour with Victoria (VP Ancient History) and is super excited to bring you along and showcase the wonder of the Ancient World. She is super excited to meet present and future members of CAHS and is excited about the year to come!


Treasurer – Georgia Lyell

GWhatsApp Image 2023-01-02 at 8.14.30 PMeorgia is a third year student undertaking a Bachelor of Advanced Humanities with an extended major in Ancient History. She is also studying Latin and wants to continue learning Italian in the future as well, along with pursing further study. Her main interests are with Imperial Rome and the border topics of gender and sexuality and historiography (both ancient and modern). She has loved ancient history since she was a kid, travel and some amazing ancient history teachers only made that grow and its been great to further that passion at UQ. Georgia hopes to have a great year on the CAHS executive and looks forward to meeting you all.



Vice President of Ancient History – Victoria Lawson

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-02 at 8.14.36 PMVictoria is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Ancient History and Philosophy. She began her love for ancient history in high school and has continued this into further study. Victoria has a specific interest in individuals, culture and society in both the Roman and Greek world, as well as the intersection of philosophy and ancient history with ancient philosophers offering an alternative tradition to some modern philosophy. Victoria is also participating in the 2023 Greece Study Tour, along with Zoë (the Secretary). Victoria also has dyslexia so please forgive and ignore any spelling or grammar mistakes in her correspondence. She is excited to begin her role as VP of Ancient History and is happy to chat about the ancient world, philosophy or anything else. 


Vice President of Classical Languages – Callum Johnston

Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 9.53.19 pmCallumus est discipilus de studiis humanitatis linguaque Latina. Is est in tertio anno. Callumus placet rebus gestibus.

For those less familiar with Latin, Callum is a BAdvHum and DipLang student in his third year. His foremost interest is late mediaeval and early modern history with a particular fascination with the Islamic powers. In terms of ancient history, he is happy to chat with you about any of it and is most interested in the Late Roman Republic and the Latin writers. Callum highly encourages you to undertake the study of classical languages and recommends the Conversational Latin program as a fantastic extension activity. 


We look forward to meeting everyone in 2023!