Meet the Executive



The 2022 CAHS Executive Team is dedicated to creating exciting and engaging social and academic opportunities for students and enthusiasts of Classics and Ancient History at UQ.


President – Chris Wood

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Chris is a final-year B Arts student studying an extended major in Ancient History and a minor in History. Finishing his degree mid-year, he will then start his honours degree with a focus on Rome. He is a fan of Roman history, especially the period between 200 BC – AD 200. Although he never studied ancient or modern history in school, he always had a passion for it. Following a year of studying another degree and a gap year, Chris realised his love for the ancient world and settled on UQ for study. Whilst unsure what the future holds in terms of work, he is always keen to learn more about the ancient world. Alongside this, Chris is a musician, able to play a number of instruments, and has even travelled overseas with his choir to sing at festivals and other events. His passion for the ancient world, especially Rome and Caesar, is well known among his friends, and he is always happy to chat history or anything else that interests him.


Secretary – Emily Boon

Emily b- photoEmily is a part-time honours student completing a thesis on the power of Etruscan women and the impact of Roman society. As such Emily has a strong interest for status and gender in ancient societies, especially women with outrageously funny stories, Agrippina is a fine example! Having developed an interest from high school, Emily decided that ancient history was her passion and followed it through to university. Studying ancient history has also allowed her to pursue other passions, namely travelling and visiting museums. Italy holds a special place for her, being the first place she visited outside of Australia and being able to apply all her knowledge to such an amazing place really helped cement her goal towards the museum field. Of course, she has an interest in all study fields of ancient history, thus she is always happy to have friendly chat or even debate about certain subjects, so don’t be afraid to strike a conversation when you see her around!


Treasurer – Ethan Clark-Kistowski

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Ethan is a full time honours student writing a thesis on engendering the South Brisbane community during the Late Victorian period using an archaeological assemblage. He has a strong passion for archaeology, ancient history and reception studies and is also deeply interested in applying feminist critiques to these fields. Having always been interested in these fields, he pursued them through a dual Science/Arts degree. While he has an interest in almost all areas of both archaeology and ancient history, he has a special love for Ancient Greek history as he was able to go to Greece in 2020 as part of the UQ Greece Trip and it was amazing being able to apply knowledge he learned in archaeology and ancient history to the sites he visited. He is also interested in Ancient Greek as a language and has completed four years of it, and is always happy to help others with it. Not to mention, he is also a very avid reader and loves books! If you see him around, don’t be afraid to say hello as he is always happy to have a conversation!


Vice President (Classical Languages) – Sarah Vanden Berg

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Sarah is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student studying an Extended Major in Ancient History and a Minor in Archaeology. Sarah is also completing a Diploma in Classical Languages starting Ancient Greek this year after completing three years of Latin. Sarah has always been interested in history with a love of ancient history flourishing after studying Ancient Rome in high school. Her main areas of interest are the Late Roman Republic and Early Roman Empire, but Sarah loves all aspects of Ancient History! Sarah is very interested in working in the museum and cultural services sector and as a result is a volunteer with three museums around Brisbane. Sarah has been a member of CAHS since beginning at UQ in 2019 and is incredibly excited to help fellow students with any questions they have about ancient history or classical languages!


Vice President (Ancient History) – Emily Hutton

emily h - photoEmily is a fourth-year Bachelor of Advanced Humanities student currently completing her honours after finishing an extended major in Ancient History. Emily plans to focus her honours thesis around the reconstruction history of Ancient Messene. Artefacts, buildings and monuments have all been the root of Emily’s fascination with Ancient History, which was only further heightened since participating in a study tour to Greece in 2020. Since beginning her university career in 2019, Emily has been keen to get more involved in CAHS and is very excited for her role as VP of Ancient History this year, so don’t be a stranger and make sure you come and introduce yourself to her!


Social Media Manager – Arabella Green 

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Arabella is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student studying an extended major in Ancient History and a minor in Archaeology. She is also completing a Diploma in Classical Languages and has spent the last three years studying Latin. Arabella has a passion for Ancient History and spreading knowledge of antiquity with those around her. She first became interested in Ancient History after studying Ancient Sparta in high school. She enjoys learning all facets of Ancient History but obtained a fascination with the Late Roman Republic and Roman Empire once she began studying at UQ. Arabella enjoys working with material culture and volunteering at museums around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Arabella has been a member of CAHS since she started studying in 2019 and is very excited to spread the support and enthusiasm that CAHS has to offer to fellow members.