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Semester 1 Events:

  • Sunday Series: Adrian Heyworth-Smith Lecture – February 5

    Location: Forgan Smith Building, Room E302

    Time: 1:45pm start for 2-4pm

    Join the Friends of Antiquity for the Heyworth-Smith Memorial Lecture: Shopping for the Home from 5th Century BCE Athens to Pompeii in the 1st Century CE, presented by Professor Ray Laurence, Professor of Ancient History, Macquarie University (event done in partnership with the FOA).

    Synopsis: Love it or loathe it, shopping plays a central part in human existence in the 21st century. Whether for perishables or non-perishable goods, when we return home, we sort our purchases and disperse them so that they can be found for retrieval in an attempt to avoid “Where did I put that?” conversations. This Sunday Series sets out to encapsulate human approaches to selection, acquisition and storage in the ancient world and will show that shopping has a long history, whether in democratic Athens or imperial Rome. However, there were major differences to the place of shops and shopping in these two ancient cultures that will be presented to you. Pompeii will be used as a case study to answer: how did shopping shape the artefact assemblages found in houses across the city? Moreover, the talk will allow you to consider the actions and contexts for the choice of material goods that we know so well from Pompeii and contemplate how shopping as a process of selection and transaction shaped the archaeological record.

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  • HASS Orientation Day – February 13

    Location: UQ Centre

    Time: 10am-12pm

    Join us at HASS Orientation Day at our CAHS stall to talk all things Classics and Ancient History and purchase your 2023 Membership and Merchandise!

  • UQ Market Day – February 15

    Location: Great Court

    Time: 10am-2pm

    Join us at our CAHS Market Day stall to talk all things Classics and Ancient History and purchase your 2023 Membership and Merchandise!

  • Welcome Lunch – February 23

    Location: R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum

    Time: 12:30-2:30pm

    Join us at the R. D. Milns Antiquities Museum for our CAHS Welcome Lunch to talk all things Classics and Ancient History and meet the executive and fellow historians, with a welcome and introduction from one of the museum’s staff about the events coming up in Semester 1 (event done in partnership with the R. D. Milns Antiquities Museum).

  • Grand HASS Trivia Tournament– March 2

    Location: Holt Room and Forgan Smith Building, Room E109

    Time: 4:30pm for 5pm start

    CAHS NEEDS YOU! In partnership with MIMS, UQAHS, UQAS, UQEELS, and UQHS, the Classics and Ancient History Society will be fighting for victory in the all-students-welcome First Grand HASS Trivia Tournament. Begin by mingling with the other societies and students in the Holt Room for a free Pizza Dinner (5-6pm), then head to the Forgan Smith Building E109 for the commencement of the ultimate showdown of the HASS clubs (6pm). Each trivia round (there are 2) will consist of students answering 10 questions from the respective clubs, relating to their topics, beginning with the UQAHS. So why not come along, mingle with other students, and defend CAHS’ history.

    Register here:

  • Essay Writing Workshop – March 7

    Location: Michie Building 9, Room 836

    Time: 10-11am

    In collaboration with HASS’ School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry and the amazing ancient history staff, CAHS is organising an event to make sure you get the best start when it comes to writing historical essay and studying ancient languages here at UQ. Run by the UQ postgraduate and experienced tutor, Rory Ardill-Walker, join us for an engaging insight into ancient historical study and how to best thrive in any humanities subject, as we explore topics in the newly-published study guide (thanks to two amazing tutors Rory &Tyla)!

    The masterclass will focus on the following topics: introduction to the types of evidence used in ancient history (primary, secondary, written, physical) and how to access them; how to plan, research and write a research essay, and a brief note on referencing. NOTE: A later masterclass will be held in Week 11 to help you with preparing for and writing exams prior to the exam period!

    This event will be hybrid, so if you can not make it to the in-person event, you can tune into the event online via Zoom. The meeting will be recorded and uploaded to every ancient history course on Blackboard a few days after the event for future reference. The link is

  • Ancient History Day – March 18

    Location: Abel Smith Lecture Theatre

    Time: 9am-4pm

    From Ancient Egyptian Royal Art to Roman Coinage, Ancient Athens to the Roman Republic, and Imperial Rome to Late Antiquity, join CAHS and the Friends of Antiquity for the 28th Annual Ancient History Day at UQ’s St Lucia campus as we explore art and politics in the ancient world. Come along and learn something amazing from UQ’s HAPI staff, and a special guest from the University of Melbourne (event done in partnership with the FOA and HAPI). Tickets for students (with IDs) are $15 and includes morning tea.

    • The topics for the day include:
      • Dr. Rebecca Clifton (UOM) “Overcoming and Erasure: Responses to Crisis in Egyptian Royal Art”
      • Prof. Alastair Blanshard (UQ) “Athens, Empire and Art”
      • Dr. Charlotte Mann (UQ) “The Enigmatic Emperor? A Quantitative Reassessment of Hadrian’s Imperial Coinage”
      • Dr. Janette McWilliam (UQ) “The Power of Women and Children in the Political Imagery of Imperial Rome”
      • A/Prof. Tom Stevenson (UQ) “Sculpture and Politics in the Transformation of the Roman Republic”
      • Dr. Amelia Brown (UQ) “From Governors and Gods to Icons and Doorsteps: Politics and Religion in Portrait Art of Late Antiquity”

    Register here:

  • Pyanopsia: Festival of Apollo – March 22

    Location: R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum

    Time: 6:30pm start

    In partnership with the R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum and UQ Archaeology Society, Pyanopsia: Festival of Apollo is a free social event that invites UQ students to see the RD Milns Antiquities Museum in a different light. Join us after dark for an evening of costumes, pizza, and drinks (non-alcoholic) to celebrate the festivities Theseus established in honour of Apollo, before he set off to slay the Minotaur.

    Attendees will be treated to a talk on Apollo by postgraduate student and resident expert, Oskar Fletcher, and an exclusive self-guided tour of the Museum’s gallery exploring mythical creatures from the ancient world. Prizes are on offer for best dressed, so please come in suitable attire and get into the occasion. Perhaps you’ll be Apollo, or Ariadne, or the Minotaur itself?!

    Register here:

  • Sunday Series: R.D. Milns Visiting Scholar Lecture – March 26

    Location: Forgan Smith Building, Room E302

    Time: 1:45pm start for 2-4pm

    Join us for the April Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series event titled: Political Rivalries in the Late Roman Republic, presented by Professor Josiah Osgood, Department of Classics, Georgetown University (event done in partnership with the FOA).

    Synopsis: Politics in the late Roman Republic often revolved around personal rivalries. Politicians regularly insulted their opponents in public speeches and to carry on the attack, they penned pamphlets and memoirs. Some feuds lasted years, including those of Caesar and Cato, or Cicero and Clodius. Disagreements often led to violence and even civil war but why did the Romans practice such potentially destructive politics? Professor Josiah Osgood will set out to encapsulate that political rivalry was fierce in the late Roman Republic, and that challenging someone in power was good for publicity. As a parallel for Rome, this lecture also considers the raucous politics of the early United States, encapsulated most famously by the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

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  • Sunday Series: May Sunday Series Lecture – May 7

    Location: Forgan Smith Building, Room E302

    Time: 1:45pm start for 2-4pm

    Join us for the May Sunday Series event titled: Roman Women and the Law, presented by Dr Kit Morrell, ARC DECRA Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, The University of Queensland (event done in partnership with the FOA).

    Synopsis: TBC

    Registration soon

  • Wonderous Machines Masterclass – May 9

    Location: R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum

    Time: 11am-1pm

    Join us for a student Masterclass workshop drawn from our current exhibition Wondrous Machines: Hero of Alexandria’s Ancient Automata. At the centre of the exhibition is Hero of Alexandria’s self-propelled shrine of Dionysius: a complex machine comprised of simple parts. In this masterclass, participants will explore the movement mechanisms within Hero’s mobile shrine. Armed with passages from Hero’s On Automaton Making, a diagram of the shrine from a sixteenth-century manuscript, and a mechanical kit, participants will reconstruct the movement mechanisms of the shrine and gain insight into the study of ancient technologies.

    Exhibition: Inspired by the enduring appeal of machines and robots, the exhibition Wondrous Machines brings to life Hero of Alexandria’s automon, a self-animated and self-propelling ancient Dionysiac shrine created in the first century CE. The exhibition both explores the sensory spectacles created by ancient automata, and by incorporating 3D printed replicas and digital animations of Hero’s shrine, examines how simple components such as falling weights, screws, cords, pulleys and axles, were used to create complex and spectacular machines by ancient engineers.

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  • Exam Workshop– May 16

    Location: TBC

    Time: TBC

    More info coming soon!

  • Movie Night – May 16

    Location: Steele Building, Room 262

    Time: 6pm start

    Come along and end the semester right with a viewing of an awesome movie about the ancient world with an opening talk from a UQ lecturer (event done in partnership with the UQ Film Appreciation Society).

  • 2023 Historical and Philosophical Inquiry Annual Lecture – May 19

    Location: Steele Building (3), Room 206

    Time: 5:15-7:30pm

    Join the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry for their 2023 Annual Lecture titled Empathy and the Arena: Looking for (and with) Empathy in early Imperial Rome presented by Dr Sarah Lawrence from the University of New England (event done in partnership with the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry).

    Synopsis: TBC

    Registration soon

  • Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series and AGM – June 4

    Location: Forgan Smith Building, Room E302

    Time: 1:45pm start for 2-4pm

    Join us for the Annual General Meeting and Sunday Series event titled: Professors, Politicians, Television Producers and other curious creatures I have known, presented by Emeritus Professor Trevor Bryce, Honorary Professor in Classics, The University of Queensland.

    Synopsis: TBC

    Registration soon

Semester 1 Sessions:


Classical Languages and Ancient Mentoring Outreach

Weekly Open Group Sessions – Monday 1-2pm @ Michie Building 9, Room 536; starts February 27 (WK 2)

Conuiuium Latinum

Conversational Latin

Semester 1: TBC Sessions, on TBC

Critical Dialogues

Ancient Text & Topic Discussion Group

Semester 1: 3 Sessions at Tuesday 5-6:30pm at Michie Building 9, Room 536 on March 7, March 28, and April 18.

Classics and Coffee

A casual session for people interested in discussing ancient topics of interest.

Semester ?: TBC


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