About the CAHS Executive


President – Josie Carroll-Walden


Josie is a fourth-year Bachelor of Advanced Humanities student majoring in Ancient History and Classical Languages and also studying a Diploma of Languages in German. From a young age, Josie was fascinated with antiquities and would spend many afternoons watching documentaries on Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Despite having diverse interests, her passion firmly lies in the Roman Imperial Period, especially during the mid 3rd C Crisis. In the future, she aims to pursue an academic career in the fields of Classics and Ancient History and discover more about this tumultuous period. Josie also strongly believes in the importance of Classical Languages for history students and travelled to an academic villa in Rome last year, where she lived for a month taking intensive Latin classes and spoke entirely in Latin. She is excited to pass on these skills to other students. It is also her goal to support and encourage students of Ancient History and Classical Languages in their studies and is always eager to answer any questions or simply talk about the ancient world.


Secretary – Chris Wood


Chris is a fourth-year B Arts student studying an extended major in Ancient History and a minor in History. He is a fan of Roman history, especially the period between 200 BC – AD 200. Although he never studied ancient or modern history in school, he always had a passion for it. Following a year of studying another degree and a gap year, Chris realized his love for the ancient world and settled on UQ for study. Whilst unsure what the future holds in terms of work, he is always keen to learn. Alongside this, Chris is a musician, able to play a number of instruments, and has even traveled overseas with his choir to sing at festivals and other events. His passion for the ancient world, especially Rome and Caesar, is well known among his friends, and he is always happy to chat history or anything else that interests him.


Treasurer – Connor Lindsay


Connor is going into his Honours year in the Bachelor of Advanced Humanities, majoring in History. He has the unique distinction among the executive of being the only member of the executive not majoring in Classics or Ancient History. Having said this, his interest in history was first ignited by the books on Julius Caesar he read as a child. Entering university, however, Connor realised that his passion lay with the period of the British Empire. Yet, like the Brits themselves, he remained obsessed with the classical world, and counts Rome’s best Emperor, Augustus (was there any ever doubt), among his favourite historical figures. Connor strongly believes in the importance of the Arts to UQ, and is happy to talk to any first years who have questions about either of the history majors.


Vice President (Classical Languages) – Allie Schultz

Allie S

Allie is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Ancient History and Classical Languages. Not only is ancient history her field of study, it is her passion with which she fills many hours of the day (including holidays!) with the ambition of a life-long career in the field.  To this end, she embraces any opportunity to travel with her studies and career goals in mind, often spending full days in the halls of many museums (quite possibly deciding which Augustus statue she likes best) and visiting any archaeological sites she can possibly get to. Her particular interests rest with the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean and Rome’s interaction with the diverse peoples of the Empire throughout the early Imperial Period. Allie is a strong advocate for the study of Classical Languages by Ancient History students and she is excited to be a mentor for the CLAMO language study assistance sessions and workshops this year.


Vice President (Ancient History) – Ethan Clark-Kistowski

B3A038B9-D2A0-4213-BB15-76275701E188Ethan is an enthusiastic third-year B Arts/B Science student, studying both Archaeological Sciences and Ancient History. He loves anything ancient Greek – whether that be Classical Greece, the Hellenistic Era, or Late Antiquity. He also enjoys early 19th C European history, including Imperial Russia and the interwar period. Outside of studying, Ethan enjoys cooking, historical video games such as Sid Meier’s Civilisation, board games, and reading. He’s really keen for the CAHS Trivia Night!




Social Media Manager – Catherine Stanley


After graduating from a BMus(Hons)/BA dual degree in 2019, Catherine is now undertaking her Honours in Ancient History. When she first began studying Ancient History at UQ, her aim was to become a historical fiction writer, but now she has decided that an academic career in Classics and Ancient history would be more suited to her interests as she would like to explore ancient medicine, literature and music. Catherine enjoys exploring new places and learning about their traditions and history and hopes to travel extensively in the future to visit as many museums and libraries as possible. Catherine is a strong advocate for student engagement outside of classes, as she believes it cultivates an enriching environment for all students and looks forward to the CAHS events in 2020 that offer opportunities for students to connect.



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