Ancient History and Classical Languages Courses offered in 2013

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Course Coordinator
Ancient History
ANCH1240 The Rise of Ancient Greece: Greek History to the 4th Century B.C. Dr Chris Malone
ANCH2030 Myth, Magic and Religion in the Ancient World Dr Chris Malone
ANCH2230 The Age of Imperial Rome: Politics & Society from Tiberius to Constantine Dr Caillan Davenport
ANCH2250 The Career and Influence of Julius Caesar Dr Tom Stevenson
WRIT3100 Writing Ancient History Dr Tom Stevenson
GREK1110 Introductory Greek Dr Tom Stevenson
GREK2230 Greek Language and Literature 1 Mr Murray Kane
GREK3001 Advanced Greek 1 (2013: Herodotus) Mr Murray Kane
LATN1110 Introductory Latin Dr Janette McWilliam/Dr Caillan Davenport
LATN2230 Latin Language & Literature  1 Dr Caillan Davenport
LATN3001 Advanced Latin 1 (2013: Cicero) Dr Luca Asmonti

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Course Coordinator
Ancient History
ANCH1250 The Rise of Ancient Rome: Roman History from Romulus to Augustus Dr Caillan Davenport/Dr Chris Malone
ANCH2040 The World of Classical Athens: Democracy, Culture and Society Dr David Pritchard
ANCH2290 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece Dr Amelia Brown
ANCH2280 Roman Society and Civilisation Dr Janette McWilliam
ANCH3030 Special Topic in Roman History: Culture, Identity & Power under the Roman Empire Dr Janette McWilliam
GREK2120 Intermediate Greek Dr David Pritchard
GREK2240 Greek Language & Literature 2 Mr Murray Kane
GREK3002 Advanced Greek 2 (2013: Euripides) Mr Murray Kane
LATN2120 Intermediate Latin Dr Janette McWilliam
LATN2240 Latin Language & Literature 2 Dr Caillan Davenport
LATN3002 Advanced Latin 2 (2013: Latin Love Poetry) Dr Luca Asmonti


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