Founded in 1949, the Classics and Ancient History Society (CAHS) is one of the oldest student societies at the University of Queensland, and the oldest classical studies students’ society in Australia. With a long history of entertaining and educating UQ students enrolled, or just interested in, Classical Languages and Ancient History, 2017 will be one of our best years yet!


Classics is an important discipline at UQ. One of the four foundational (and once compulsory!) subjects at the University, UQ is the only university in Queensland offering courses in Latin, Greek, and Ancient History. UQ Classics graduates have gone on to become academics, barristers, journalists, dramatists, writers, and politicians.

Joining CAHS is an easy way to meet other students whose interest and better judgement has compelled them to pursue the study of dead people and really dead languages. We put on Bacchanalian festivities but also offer academic support programs to assist in cultivating your Ciceronian wits. We’re a welcoming bunch, and really hope you’re interested.

Sign up for CAHS 2018 using QPay.



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