Welcome to the Classics and Ancient History Society (CAHS) at the University of Queensland.

For just over 70 years CAHS has supported, engaged, entertained, and inspired students, whether they be aspiring classicists or simply interested in the ancient world.

Ergo, we invite students from all academic backgrounds to join the society, and to meet other students with the same passion and enthusiasm for our unique discipline – indeed, we pride ourselves on providing hospitality Homer himself would have endorsed!

We offer our members a wide range of academic and social events throughout the year, as well as various ongoing programs, such as Critical Dialogues and Conuiuium Latinum, aimed at both student enjoyment and academic development. Be sure to visit our Events and Programs pages to find out more!

To get involved with CAHS, and take advantage of all the society has to offer, visit the Join Us page, or contact us with any enquiries you may have.